Good composition is like a suspension bridge; each line adds strength and takes none away… Making lines run into each other is not composition. There must be motive for the connection. Get the art of controlling the observer — that is composition. ― Robert Henri

Tap on the Title and Enjoy the Story!

#1 Food and Music

PASTA! Me likey!

A bowl of pasta is never enough for me. I can live my days off by eating this particular dish. I genuinely enjoy eating pasta (particularly the White sauce pasta), I feel like I have achieved something. The sweet and sour taste with the soft texture just rolls down my tongue. The spices like oregano and chilli flakes(my angels), kind of break that consistency of sweet and sour.

PS: In these horrid situations, My endeavor to eat pasta is through a packet of Maggi Pazzta.(grin)

First Ideation:

Visualized Taste through Music

Keywords: Sweet, Sour, Happiness, Fun

Experience of Food + Connect the emotions to music = The abstract composition.

  • The flow and the form represents the Pasta.
  • The colors represent my emotions for the Pasta.
  • The white angelic spots represent the spices(Oregano and Chili Flakes)

Music: Matargashti (Tamasha) — takes me to Italy!

Emotions for Pasta

A little further interpretation of the art created above using Origami sheets and Stop motion. Enjoy the feeling of PASTA!!!

#2 Elements

My understanding/takeaway of these certain Principle of Designs:

  • Principle of Rhythm: It is the arrangement of the elements in such a way that they create a movement or a path for the viewer’s eye to follow.
  • Principle of Balance: The distribution of visual weight of the elements equally in a frame — to make it look more stable.
  • Principle of Point of Interest: To draw viewer’s attention to the specific design element — create a focal point.

DAY 1 Explorations

For Rhythm, I pictured Voice notes and the lines animation of windows media player while playing music.

For BalanceTriangular form. (used in bridges for balance and support)

I realized later, the measurements I took for the Lines are wrong!

DAY 2 Explorations

After getting Feedback, I tried to redo my compositions again. Here I actually used a Morse Code of my name to create a composition!(2nd row Balance)

DAY 3 Explorations

I was inspired by the Video Games. Created more compositions.

And little did I know, most of my groupmates had the similar kind of compositions! ;-p

PS: Not all of them. Just the Rhythm one.

DAY 4 Explorations

Here I chose some keywords like Bounce, Fall, Chase and incorporated those keywords in my composition.

Refining the work

After the Feedback, some of my compositions needed a refining and rework.



Point of Interest

Final Compositions — on paper



Point of Interest

#3 Composition

3.1 Sour

Sunday mornings, my Family, a bowl full of Fruits, A warm lemon juice, sweet memories, fills me up with joy and happiness.


A little sour in sweet moments, and my whole day is balanced. I feel Holy, therefore the white colour as background.

3.2 Hate

The things I HATE the most. Lizards, they disgust me. I am terrified and at the same instance I look for an opportunity to purge the reptile. (Shivers)


Everything is unbalanced, feels numb when hate takes over. But the emotion fades away slowly. Therefore, the background is Black to denote void.

#4 Examples

The movement of the Ballet dancers are visually balanced in the first picture while in the second the position and contrast is balanced visually.


The picture was taken when my team was performing live on stage in Annabhau Sathe Hall, Pune. I am a Point of interest in the second image while in the first, the Light spot acts as a Point of Interest.

Student at National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar. I believe that every picture has a story if you know how to look!